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Upplabs offers you
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Our IT consultation agency works end-to-end together with the clients discussing all possible scenarios and questions, starting from strategy to digital, we bring transformational outcomes.

Why do you need an
IT consultation?

Starting your own project or business is always risky. There is always a moment when you need advice in order to quickly resolve a sudden problem. If you are not a specialist in software development, the knowledge is often not enough to resolve the issue and understand potential risks and challenges. Why can it happen:

The requirements are not clear enough

The code and product quality are hard to budget

The requirements need to be changed or some features need to be added

Other risks

It’s hard to do a clear estimation of a big project

Upplabs is here to help you! It’s important for the Upplabs team to get an understanding of our clients’ business and see in what ways we can assist you. That’s why our consultations are free.

You need an IT consultation

scaling icon


Your goals require fast scaling within a short period of time.
hiring icon


You are having a hard time hiring IT talent in your home location.
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Extra devs needed

You need to develop new products and features without defocusing the core team.
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Saving money

You want to deliver more with the same budget.

What Upplabs can help you

We offer IT business consulting, industry expertise, technical expertise, roadmap, market research.
For more than 5 years we’ve been mastering our skills in:


You get the most value from our services when it comes to:

Custom web or mobile application development
Supporting or extending an existing application that was built with .NET or Node.js
Revamping and innovating your legacy system
MVP development
Converting PSD to Mobile screens (Ionic, React Native, Xamarin, Swift views)


Now, when you know the fields, spheres and issues Upplabs can help you with, let’s talk about why your business needs a digital strategy and quality software development.

Digital transformation (DT) is the force that moves the businesses forward. This term means the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems. Regardless of the industry, DT refers to the process and strategy of using digital technology to change business operations.

Increased technological competition forcing businesses to adopt new technologies and approaches. Over the last decade, you could have witnessed the digitalization of telecom, manufacturing, finance, banking, healthcare, etc. And the volume of changes brought by digitalization is huge!

Digital transformation includes strategy, methods, possibilities, and solutions to support and strengthen your operations.


Constant innovation icon

Constant innovation

The competitive edge could be retained only by adopting innovations and modern approaches.
Change management icon

Change management

Change management can help you to see the big picture of the journeys within digitalization.
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Diverse technological stack

Sticking to a battle-tested technology is a good idea, but the reasonable use of the latest technologies such as AI, VR, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, IoT, and blockchain will help you to bring genuine value to your business operations.
Analysis icon

Analysis to build a data-driven business

By using AI and advanced data analysis tools your business can gain a whole new experience in predicting models and customization. Unlocking and analyzing your data helps to improve customer experiences, streamline operations, and quickly launch new products and services.
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Applying digital transformation roadmap

Any significant change campaign needs a clear digital transformation roadmap. The plan should be comprehensive and precisely describe how new approaches and technologies will align with your business objectives. Set your goals, estimates, and milestones.


It’s critical for companies to have a digital transformation strategy. Here is some advice from Upplabs you should consider before creating and applying your DT strategy:
Set business goals
The point is to separate a business goal from a technology goal. Understand the commercial values if your digital channels.
Document the risks
The risks are the same as rolling out a major new application or releasing a product.
Run pilot tests
(consider creating a functional prototype or MVP)
This way you’ll see if/how new technology will impact your business and core KPIs.
Ask for feedback from your users, colleagues and a focus group.
Implement new technologies to the whole product to not cause misunderstandings about continuing the pilot test. Trust the analysis you’ve done before and the pilots you’ve conducted.
Analyze the impact
Keep monitoring the rollout to make sure that everyone is pleased with the results.
Let the digital transformation help your business to evolve! And Upplabs is ready to provide you with free IT consultation and further software development!

different from the

We do not impose our software development services when providing IT consultation. Upplabs stands for trusted collaboration and networking. We value loyalty and are aware of the possibility that businesses we helped with successful digital transformation might come to us again for software development. That’s why we do not insist on hiring us after the consultation.

Upplabs consult startups on how:

Optimize your product strategy

Every year we deliver 20+ projects and understand how to avoid common business’ and software development pitfalls.

Minimize money spend

We understand your needs and can help you invest your money to get the result.

Validate your idea without the involvement of engineering

Upplabs can help you to find a way to validate your business idea without software development.

Upplabs consult enterprises on:


We helped many businesses to migrate their old systems to new technology stack and standards. Upplabs has a lot of experience in providing those migrations without stopping the work of the current software, step-by-step, while the business is still running.

New business opportunities

Upplabs can help you find new niches and directions to grow your business.

Upplabs consult about extended teams:


What resources/technologies/specialists do you need to deliver the project in time?


How many specialists do you need to hire to fill the gap in development?

Our assurance as an IT
consultation service


  1. Designing and applying appropriate project management standards
  2. Planning and monitoring the project (timelines and budget)
  3. Managing project risks
  4. Ensuring customer satisfaction
  5. Organizing and motivating a project team
  6. Creating detailed, comprehensive and well-structured technical documentation
  7. Estimating, prioritizing, planning and coordinating testing activities
  8. Developing and applying development and testing processes for new and existing products to meet client needs
  9. Discovery session
  10. CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery)
At this point, Upplabs offer you a free IT consultation to understand your opportunities and risks.
Get a free it consultation

The benefits of using

Why digital transformation is important for your business?

Many organizations hesitate to invest in digital transformation without being sure if the investment will pay off. However, when done strategically, digital transformation can improve stock prices and revenue in the long run. Over time, as it meant to do, digital transformation can make a large financial impact.

97% of IT decision-makers are talking about the urgent necessity of combining the new technologies to modernize legacy processes and to identify and implement new business model innovation opportunities. For most of the companies, the success of embracing a digital transformation is measured by reaching the improved or new ways of connecting people, gathering data, conducting processes and creating new values for their customers.

Nowadays big companies have already adopted such DT trends like cloud hosting, focus on innovation and personalization, AI, ML, chatbots and other major business development directions.

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